Job vacancies
The staff is the most important resource for us, so “Mikro Kapital S.p.A.” always selects the best. Our team aims at recruiting new specialists for a fruitful long-term cooperation.

We are always available to review resumes so if you are interested to be part of our team, please send your CV to the email address
Who we are
In February 2017, Mikro Kapital S.p.A. entered the national microcredit scene, among the first 10 microcredit companies recognized by Banca d’Italia in the frame work of art. 111 of TUB “with both national and international character”.

Mikro Kapital S.p.A. – part of Mikro Kapital Management SA – following the same logic consolidated over time, grant credit to sustain businesses, families and education.

Mikro Kapital is committed in guaranteeing sustainable ethical finance by means of a sophisticated system of credit analysis with a quarterly monitoring and thanks to an informative support about the entrepreneur-client which allows us to keep high standard of portfolio and credit quality.

We support startups and high-quality businesses, not bankable yet, but also individuals and families that can’t use traditional channels to satisfy ordinary needs (home, car, health, education) because they don’t have a sufficient credit story.
Loans disbursed
3 750 000 €
Loans granted